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Term Deposit without Replenishment

It is recommended for those, who has decided to trust money to Bank and prefers to get maximum income in 3, 6 or 12 month period.
Terms of deposit «Term Deposit without Replenishment»:
  • Deposit period - 90 - 375 days.
  • Minimal volume - 1 000 UAH, 50 USD, 50 EUR.
  • Partial withdrawal - excluded
  • Interest repayment frequency - in the end of term.
  • Early withdrawal of deposit - excluded.
  • How to open the deposit account: in any outlet and also over the Sberbank Online.



Beginning from 11/20/2018 at the registration of the “Term Deposit without Replenishment” in hryvnya for any period there are special higher rates, namely - additional + 0.5% to the standard rate. When making a deposit with a promotional rate, the current conditions of loyalty on such a deposit do not apply. The promotion is valid until February 28, 2019 inclusive.


Deposit currency APR for period (D)
90-180 181-365 366-375
interest is paid at the end of the term
UAH 15,00* 15,50* 16,00*
USD 2,75 4,00 4,50
EUR 0,50 1,00 1,00
interest is paid at the end of the month      
UAH 14,75* 15,25* 15,75*
USD 2,50 3,90 4,25
EUR 0,25 0,75 0,75
Rate before tax.


From 10/19/2018 to 12/28/2018 inclusively for the Bank's Clients who have a valid term deposit in euro or a term deposit, the expiry date of which falls on the period of the Promotion, special rates apply. More information about the conditions of the Promotion can be found at the link.

Loyalty program:

  • In case of renewal deposit during 30 days after deposit’s end with the 80% sum of previous deposit: +0,5% for UAH, + 0,1% for other currency.
  • If a deposit account is opened through the system “Sberbank Online”: + 0.25% for UAH, + 0,1% for other currency.
  • In case when amoun all client's deposits  (include all family members deposits) equal or anymore 1 300 UAH (eq.): + 0,25% for UAH, + 0,1% for other currency.
  • Loyalty programs rates not summarize
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