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Recommended for those who look for convenient terms of depositing with a possibility of early termination of the contract without losing the interest.
Terms of deposit «Convenient»:
  • Deposit period - 12 months.
  • Minimal volume - UAH 1 000, USD 50, EUR 50.
  • Replenishment - impossible
  • Partial withdrawal - excluded
  • Interest repayment frequency - once in three months (quarterly).
  • Early withdrawal of deposit - possible without losing the interest accrued for each 3-month period (the interest which has already been paid is not recalculated). The interest which has accrued for the term in which the deposit is early returned is subject to recalculation at the base rate for demand deposits which is in force in the Bank at the moment of the deposit termination. The principal amount of the deposit is returned in full.
  • How to open the deposit account: in bank branches and through Sberbank Online accessed while receiving services for other products.

 Deposit currency

  APR* for period (month)
12  24** 36**
UAH 15,00 15,10 15,20
USD 4,50 4,65 4,75
EUR 4,00 4,15 4,25
RUB ** - 4,25 4,50
Rate before tax.
Rate use for existing deposits on the next year of action of deposit.
Loyalty program:
  • In case of renewal deposit during 15 days after deposit’s end with the 80% sum of previous deposit: +2% for UAH, + 2% for other currency.
  • If a deposit account is opened through the system “Sberbank Online”: + 0.25% in any currency.
  • In case when amoun all client's deposits  (include all family members deposits) equal or anymore 1 300 UAH (eq.): + 0,25% for all currency.
  • Loyalty programs rates not summarize
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