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Gold Childhood

It is recommended for those, who would like to avoid currency fluctuation and accumulate savings into gold for child until his/her age of majority.
Terms of deposit «Gold Childhood»:
  • Deposit period - 12-216 months*, a multiple of 12 months.
  • Minimal volume - 1 troy ounce of gold
  • Replenishment - allowed. Minimal volume is 0,32 fine ounce of gold (10 gram).
  • Partial withdrawal - excluded
  • Interest repayment frequency - interests are refunded for each interest time (1 year) within deposit duration by addition to principal (capitalization)
  • Early withdrawal of deposit - allowed in case of filling of early withdrawal application from Client (until moment of ownership getting from Beneficiary) in 10 working days
  • Making a term deposit: in any outlet. Deposit can be opened only with UAH current account and metal current account presence. Making this term deposit is recorded on behalf of Client in favor of Beneficiary. Ownership of deposit belongs to Client until the moment of putting to a claim by Beneficiary, including his/her legal guard.
  • Deposit refunding: It is executed without physical delivery by transferring: - to Client’ metal current account, which was opened in Bank, in case of Beneficiary has not announced his/her ownership before expiration date (including this day);
    to Beneficiary’ metal current account, which was opened in Bank, in case of his/her application about ownership has been got before expiration date (including this day).
  • Information about metal current account (tariffs could be founded in documents):
  • - possibility of gold physical delivery for transferring to metal account. It is possible in outlet with presence of expert (Kiev outlet # 5); without physical delivery of gold to metal account for all other outlets. 
    - possibility of gold withdrawal from current account as in form of ingot, so in national currency.
    - possibility of placing to current account cashless metals from other banks accounts..
  • Beneficiary: child, who has not more than 18 years ago at the moment of deposit expiration date.
  • Client:  person, that opened deposit


* the maximal term of deposit is limited to age of child (Beneficiary)

Interest time Interest rate*,%
12 months 4,00
Rate before tax.
Loyalty program:
  • Program does not applied for this type of deposit.
Compare with other kind of deposit:
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Documents list
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