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Deposit in metals

It is recommended for those, who has decided to diversify own saving and earn income from investing gold and silver into 3M-24M deposit.
Terms of deposit «Deposit in metals»:
  • Deposit period - 3 (gold), 6,9,12,24 months.
  • Minimal volume - 1 troy ounce of gold, 100 troy ounces of silver
  • Replenishment - allowed. Minimal volume is 0,64 fine ounce of gold (20 gram), 100 fine ounces of silver
  • Partial withdrawal - excluded
  • Interest repayment frequency - in the end of term. Interest repayment is transferred to metal current account after expiration of a contract.
  • Early withdrawal of deposit - allowed in case of filling of early withdrawal application in 10 working days prior the day of withdrawal. Herewith accrued interest is recounted due to base valid interest rate for metal current account. Deposit account is closed on the following day after metal refund to client.
  • Making a term deposit: in any outlet. Deposit can be opened only with UAH current account and metal current account presence. Bank metals are countered without physical delivery of metals from client’ metal current account to his deposit account in metals.
  • Information about metal current account (tariffs could be founded in documents):
    - current account could be opened in gold, silver, platinum, palladium.
    - possibility of gold physical delivery for transferring to metal account. It is possible in outlet with presence of expert (Kiev outlet # 5); without physical delivery of gold to metal account for all other outlets. 
    - gold, silver, platinum, palladium are transferred to metal account without physical delivery.
    - possibility of gold withdrawal from current account as in form of ingot, so in national currency.
    - possibility of placing to current account cashless metals from other banks accounts.
Conversion table ounces to grams

Denomination in grams

Denomination in the Trinity ounces

1,000 0,03
2,000 0,06
2,500 0,08
5,000 0,16
10,000 0,32
20,000 0,64
31,103 1,00
50,000 1,61
100,000 3,22
250,0000 8,04
500,000 16,08
1 000,000 32,15




Deposit metal



APR* for period (M)
6 9 12 24


1.50 1.75 1.85 2.00


0.25 0.35 0.50 0.75
Rate before tax.

Rate of deposit on demand in banks metals for individual persons  - 0%

Loyalty program:
Program does not applied for this type of deposit.
Compare with other kind of deposit:
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