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Internet Card

For customers who wish to conduct safe transactions via Internet.

Visa Virtual card allows you to make payments on the Internet as safe as possible.

Advantages for Client:
  • Possibility to make purchases on the Internet not owning other payment cards.
  • Payments settlement in the network without any extra worries for the safety of operations.
  • Free cash deposit with the own funds.

Features of Visa Virtual card:

  • It is made on a special non-payment card without magnetic stripe, Chip, signature panel and Visa logo and issued without a PIN-code. It contains the following details: the card number, expiration date and a special digital code for additional protection operations.
  • The card is activated after a personal appeal to the Contact Center.
  • Visa Virtual is not used in retail stores to pay for goods and services.
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs and cash departments is not available via the card.
  • Not used for Internet purchases which require the completion of transactions with the physical presence of the card (such as hotel bookings, car and so on).


Visa Virtual Card is included into «Universal», «Special», «Status», «Prestige» and «Payroll+» Package of Services.

Opening and maintenance of Visa Virtual Card in the package is not rated.
The cost of servicing the card out of the package is 20 UAH/year.